Vintage Gold

What comes in the box?

  • 1 Selfic Handheld,
  • 1 Removable lamp cover,
  • 2 Led lights,
  • 2 USB charger cords.

Our product is manufactured in a customised way. Please, to get prices first contact our team.

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What we offer is a stylish handheld for iPad Photo booth entirely designed and made by our team with the aim to get the attention of attendees wherever they are at the venue, there is no need to wait for guests to come to the booth when you are in control to reach them at the venue; in other words, no more being hidden in the corner!

The Selfic is a light, portable handheld designed to give photo booth company owners and new starters the option to build up an iPad photo booth easy to carry around and suitable for any event. The purpose is to provide the photo booth service in a simplified way or in a DIY mode by using the iPad Pro 9.7′ or 10.5′ due to its renowned frontal camera ensuring top quality photos.

Our handheld works perfect to fit small areas, it also benefits of its portability as no large transportation is needed as with the usual photo booth. You can choose between the different photo booth software for iPad available in the market to offer digital photos with photo frame layouts as it suits your clients -at the moment we work on our own software which will be released once tested and ready-. To complete the photo booth concept there are a few options for -direct or indirect- print outs from the iPad.

What is special about our product?

* Our handheld is manufactured in the best 3D printing filament to ensure resistance, flexibility and long-term durability
* It comes in a variety of stylish colours and beautiful textures painted in artisan work (Plain Gold, Vintage Gold, Vintage Grey, Chrome)
* It is an ultra light case weighing less than 1.5 Lb or 0.7 Kg
* It is functional as the enclosed iPad is secured by a discreet sliding lid perfectly designed to cover the device whilst it is in use.
* It includes a removable lamp cover (only to use when necessary)
* it comes with 2 Led Lights and 2 USB charge cords
* Easy to set up in less than a minute

All in all, consider the Selfic as a great addition to your photo booth package services, with just a small compact carry bag to put all the elements together and there you go!


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